Experience from the Axis Capital 20-20 Investor Conference 2015

Before I joined FLAME University, I was told there will be opportunities to interact with industry stalwarts and meet them up-close. Since commencing my education at FLAME, they kept every bit of their promise. Recently we, the students of FLAME got a chance to attend ‘The INDIA 2020 STARS, Annual India Conference 2015’ organized by Axis Capital. It gave us an opportunity to interact with Promoters / CEOs of eminent companies who through their keynote speeches shared with us their business insights and strategies.

Through the two days of the conference, we got to hear and learn from a fantastic composition of speakers that ranged from diverse industries of the Indian Economy. The experience was surreal. We got to discuss a variety of topics and ask questions to the who’s who of the Indian corporate world.

CxOs of various companies, like Axis Bank, Balaji Telefilms, K. Raheja Group, JSW Steel, Bank of Baroda, Dalmia Cement, and Infosys, among others were present at the conference. There was also a session from Mr. Anil Swarup of the Coal Ministry. Needless to say the experience and interaction was extremely enriching. Merely just listening to these dignitaries, their views, knowing their experiences and opinions amounted to a wealth of knowledge. It was overwhelming at first, but by the second day of the conference we felt slightly more confident to have gained a lot more insights into the workings of different industries.

Below are few important points discussed by the keynote speakers:

  • Axis Bank’s CFO shared insights into how technology is changing the banking industry.
  • JSW Steel’s CFO focused on growth in value added steel products and the usage of steel in new upcoming industries – citing solar as an example.
  • The CxO from Dalmia Cement discussed how the company is focussing on higher output and reducing process costs. He also discussed the scope of automation in reducing costs.
  • Infosys’ CFO and COO emphasized on the security of data becoming increasingly critical, as malwares and spywares increase with every innovation. By preempting it they can solve many problems and stay market leaders.
  • Bank Of Baroda’s CxO discussed how the new team is changing the company internally by benchmarking operational parameters and globalizing to compete with international banks.
  • Raheja Group’s CxO presented his views on the real estate sector. He highlighted various possible opportunities in India and how the K. Raheja Group was focused on exploiting the opportunities to the fullest.
  • Balaji Telefilms’ CXO spoke about advancing in the space of content creation and coming out with quality projects. He also discussed their international strategy and insisted on the value of existing content.
  • Anil Swarup, from the Ministry of Coal, enlightened the audience on the process of ‘decision making’ undertaken by the ministry. He also talked about the evacuation of coal and increasing the purity of the commodity by installing washeries.

Apart from these keynote interactions, there were panel discussions on India’s infrastructure progress and behaviour of India’s consumers. At the end of the sessions we felt abundantly supplemented with knowledge. I specifically felt, I can discuss various topics in depth. All of this would help me in my projects, research, studies as well as my career. It was an unforgettable experience. Every minute was spent learning and soaking information. I will always cherish this experience and it will go a long way in shaping my future.

Vikas Gupta
FLAME University


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