FLAME Mantrapreneur 2016 – Day 2 Highlights

Mr. Hari Menon

“Magical” were the words of the BigBasketer, Mr. Hari Menon. The first event of “Day Two” of Mantrapreneur 2016 saw Mr. Menon share his experiences with the ever enthusiastic future entrepreneurs of FLAME University. One aspect that came out as a single message from his interview was a clear cut “Think Big. Think Ahead”. Mr. Menon was clear when he started – he had to be an inspiration to the student community. Though not intentional but his choice of words and his wisdom did the magic and set the tone for the rest of the day.

His entire journey of being a first generation entrepreneur and his partners, The Three Musketeers as we called them the other day established a fact that people today forget – i.e. a strong team bound by trust is the only way to build a successful enterprise. On the question of whether ‘Thinking Big’ is a natural trait or can it be developed, Mr. Menon was very subtle in saying that it was only natural for a person to think big and it is sometimes just a gentle push that an individual requires to understand that they are also born to “Think Big and Achieve Big”.


Alysha Tharani, Sourabh Kothari, Samkit Shah, Akash Oswal and Swapnil Chavan had one thing in common – they all had an idea and everyone had their roots in FLAME. They had one single message across the six of them, “If you want to start, Then Start Now. Start Somewhere”. The present student community were truly awestruck at their business ventures and their stories and have already started dreaming of coming back to their alma mater someday, sometime in another edition of Mantrapreneur as nothing but ‘FLAME-preneurs’.

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