Highlights from Mantrapreneur 2016 – Day 1

Dr. V. G. Patel

“Entrepreneurs are the engines for growth and employ 60% of India’s job seekers”, said Dr. V. G. Patel. Dr. Patel is the founder of the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Ahmedabad. He gave an interactive talk on the various conditions through which an opportunity can be found for a fresh and innovative business idea. The most prominent reason for travelling through this entrepreneurial journey is the ‘intoxication of success’, said Dr. Patel. Being an old player in this game and having studied the areas for immense growth, he laid emphasis on the fact that the new players in the market should concentrate on selling solutions rather than products or services.

Mr. Kiran Deshpande

Mr. Kiran Deshpande is a man of few words but immense knowledge. Through a very organized talk, he imparted plenty of technical information. Apart from being the President of TiE, Pune, he has also been the CEO of Tech Mahindra and the co-founder of AirTight Networks. He divided the entrepreneurial journey into 4 phases: Idea, Team, Capital, Business Plan. He said that the proper amalgamation and planning of these four would increase the probability for succeeding manifold.

Dr. Yogesh Gurjar

Dr. Yogesh Gurjar was an inspiration for the youth, who have grown up seeing mere corruption. A man of principles and ethics, he has very passionately formed ties between corruption and his field of interest. He has worked on a very ‘out of the box’ idea which can be a game changer for the nation. Being a very disciplined man with a great sense of the moral way of conduct, he has created a vaccine that prevents future citizens of the nation from being corrupt. Post a sequence of lengthy research, he discovered that the trait of possessing corrupt practices could be found from the genomic sequence of the foetus. This trait could be deactivated very effectively through the vaccine. During the talk, Dr. Gurjar quoted Murphy’s Law which was very inspirational as the passion to succeed and belief in his idea could be seen even after multiple disappointments.

Mr. Pradeep Lokhande

Mr. Pradeep Lokhande is the founder and CEO of Rural Relations. With such immense passion and knowledge of his subject, he is bound to make a difference in rural India. With strategic planning and imparting knowledge to students on the requirement of particular educational facilities and services, Mr. Lokhande guarantees that by 2020, the entire population of India will be literate. He has mastered statistical data of his field and after deep analysis claims that by 2030, all schools in rural India would shut down which would bring about the e-learning revolution.

Ms. Shveta Raina

Ms. Shveta Raina is an alumnus of HBS. After working in various organizations, Shveta found her true area of interest which was making a difference for the benefit of the nation. After conducting intense research, she discovered the urgent need of training the future of the nation i.e. the undergraduates for becoming work-ready. Ms. Shveta gave an interactive talk on the field of entrepreneurship by drawing parallels to her own start-up, Talerang. She emphasized on the fact that entrepreneurship is for those who are ready to do anything and everything during the inception years of the start-up. She also stressed on the fact that on-field and market research of the field is a vital factor for the success of the start-up.

Panel Discussion

There was a panel discussion held on the relationship between art and entrepreneurship. The lead panellists were Mr. Rahul Ranade and Mrs. Suniti Vadalkar. A very interactive discussion was held in which life experiences and life lessons of the two were told. Mr. Ranade credited his success completely to his mother as she was his guiding light. Mrs. Suniti, being a specialist in her field of creativity, was not into business at all. She said “Entrepreneurship happened to me”. She claimed herself to be very lucky and fortunate as she was guided into forming a creative bond between art and entrepreneurship. Through the discussion, Mr. Ranade emphasized on having the ability to create demand for oneself. With such a large population, mere skills do not promise success. The ability to market oneself is critical. They concluded by stressing on the fact that art and entrepreneurship has tremendous opportunity.

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