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FLAME University’s programs are fully residential, and hence the volume of activities that are conducted on campus post the academic hours is unbelievable. Set between lush green hills, the sprawling campus provides a perfect set up for sports and many other student activities. Recently the office of student activities organized a quiz contest at the university’s massive amphitheatre. An outdoor quiz contest on a pleasant winter evening attracted a lot of students. The competition was to be held between all four houses of FLAME University. Hundreds of students turned up at the appointed hour. The quiz was organized and anchored by Mr. Vimesh Shah. Mr. Shah arrested everyone’s attention right from the start, and held the audience captivated throughout. The quiz went on for 3 hours as everyone acquired general knowledge in abundance. Mr. Vimesh Shah, was quick and witty and drew a lot of laughs and appreciation from the audience. He was also extremely knowledgeable.

Right from round one, Mr. Shah set the ball rolling, by conducting an ‘open question’ quiz round, where the entire house could participate. The open air amphitheatre had suddenly become alive. Students had to think on their feet. The round challenged the potential of the student body, as the questions were not run of the mill. However, the students surprised the quiz master pleasantly, by responding quickly and correctly.

For the second round the quiz master used audio-visuals as a way of asking questions. Then there was a round where answers were provided by the quiz master, and the teams were required to find the right question. This was exceptional, and played a major role in balancing the scores amongst the four teams.

Almost every topic was covered during the different rounds. There were questions on current affairs, business, arts, advertising, media, politics, etc. The quiz was very well articulated and the students learnt immensely in a stimulating way. Originally the quiz was scheduled to last for two hours. However, it stretched beyond the timeslot. No one complained as the competitiveness between the houses was immense.

While all the student houses competed extremely well, Aryabhatta House won the FLAME Quiz 2015 Rotating Trophy. The quiz ended with a promise of hosting another quiz soon.

– Param Vyas, FLAME

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  • This is a nice and creative way to engage every student activity to boost their confidence. Every University should follow this.
    Thumbs Up!

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